Most social gatherings are drawn-out affairs, so providing chairs for your guests is necessary to keep them happy. With chair rentals, you don't have to worry about settings things up, keeping things organized, and moving them afterward. JCD Rentals does the job for you.

Whether you are planning a wedding, party, birthday celebration, or bar mitzvah, you'll find all your seating needs from our diverse line—from standard foldable chairs to elegant Chiavari seats.

Our Selections

White Resin Garden Chairs

Folding chairs are a go-to choice for many social gatherings and with good reason. They're versatile, affordable, and easy to move when needed. These qualities are ideal for casual events like graduation parties, birthday celebrations, and backyard parties.

Our foldable garden chairs are an ideal choice for outdoor events. Their classic white color and simple design make them compatible with most party themes. We can also outfit them with your choice of fabrics to enhance their aesthetic value.

Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari chairs have beautiful bamboo-like joints carved into their frames. These elegant chairs are perfect for formal events like weddings, fundraisers, and galas.

Because of their lightweight and functional design, our Chiavari chair rentals are easy to stack and move when needed. These features make them useful if you want to make more space for an impromptu dance floor or performance area.

You can choose among three different colors that can fit most styles:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Black

Kid's Chairs

Most regular seats are uncomfortable for children, but we have a solution. Our Chiavari kid's chairs provide a designated place for younger guests. You can even have them all at the same table and offer them with child-friendly meals and activities to keep them entertained.

Bar Stools

Bar stools serve as excellent seating for limited spaces. With their accessibility features, these chairs blend in perfectly to any event. Our bar stools are made by Chiavari, which means they're easier to move and stack.

You can have these stools placed near the bar, so guests have easier access to beverages and food items. These tall chairs are also a solid choice for cocktail table seating.

Rustic Pine Folding Farm Benches

Our rusting farm benches will elevate any outdoor parties or country-themed events. Their rustic charm and simplicity are well suited for gatherings among close friends and relatives. These benches also help encourage more intimate and lively conversation among guests.

What's more, they are space-efficient. When paired with large rectangular tables, they can seat more guests than a set of single chairs.

Chestnut Crossback Wood Chairs

If you're looking for a style that pairs well with classic themes, our chestnut seats will do the trick. These wooden chairs have a beautiful warm tone that complements most color themes well.

Bamboo Chairs

For some themed events, you might consider choosing this specialty seat. Our bamboo chair's unique aesthetic can complement island or tropical décor reasonably well.

Chair Cushions

Keep your guests comfortable with our Chiavari-compatible cushions. These pads are practically a necessity for more extended events.

Available Chairs

Chestnut Crossback Wood Chairs

Chestnut wood crossback chair facing forward with a white background.

Rustic Pine Folding Farm Bench

Rustic pine folding farm bench in front of a white background.

White Resin Garden Chair

White resin garden chair in front of a white backdrop.

Silver Chiavari Chair

Silver colored Chiavari chair in front of  a white backdrop.

Black Chiavari Chair

Black Chiavari chair in front of  a white backdrop.

Gold Chiavari Chair

Gold colored Chiavari chair in front of  a white backdrop.

Kids Chiavari Chair

Kids gold Chiavari chair placed next to an normal sized gold Chiavair chair in front of  a white backdrop.

Gold Chiavari Bar Stool

Gold colored Chiavari bar stool in front of  a white backdrop.

Chair Cushion

Gold colored chiavari chair with a black seat cushion in front of  a white backdrop.

Bamboo Chairs

Bamboo Chairs surrounding a round table covered with a turquoise pin tuck tablecloth.

Why Choose JCD Rentals

As you can see, our event chair rentals sport plenty of unique designs to suit any occasion. Whatever problem may arise during your event, rest assured that our team will help you out. Our goal is to take the stress out of managing your event, so you're free to enjoy and take part in the festivities.

If you need some help planning for any occasion or are looking for quality chair rentals, JDC Rentals is the right team for the job. Feel free to call the number below so we can set up an appointment!

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