Anyone planning to host an outdoor event should consider tent rentals. Tents have a variety of practical uses that can help elevate any occasion. Aside from function, it also adds a festive and fun element to your party whilesetting the overall tone.

JCD Rentals can provide a reliable and versatile 20x40 foot tent for your outdoor gathering. Our service areas include Burleson, Fort Worth, Arlington, and any other place within 30 miles of Mansfield, Texas.

Still unsure whether you want tent rentals for your event? Check out these potential benefits!

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When planning an indoor event, the layout of your venue restricts your options. These barriers usually entail making sacrifices when it comes to decorating the way you truly want. In this case, outdoor events have the upper hand because they offer more space and creative freedom.

Tents have a unique ambiance that can transform any dull location into a magical one. With such a great blank canvas at your disposal, you can accessorize tent rentals with your event's theme. From warm lights and colorful fabric to flowers and plants, it's easy to liven up a tent environment's atmosphere.


Outdoor spaces don't exactly provide the same level of privacy as an indoor venue, but tents can help with that. These structures create a smaller area that pulls guests together instead of spreading them out in the open.

Our tent rentals provide you with a defined space between your event and the rest of the outdoor space. For private and intimate gatherings like weddings and engagement parties, it might feel too exposed with passersby around the area. Inside a tent, the occasion feels more safe, personal, and private.


Our tent rentals are sturdy and weather-resistant. While rainfall is scarce in the Burleson area, it's not a bad idea to prepare for the worst. After all, even a little rain can put a damper on any outdoor event. Without implementing any weather protection, your guests might become uncomfortable.

Sitting out for too long under the sun isn't exactly ideal, either. Tents provide much-needed shade, giving your guests a place to retreat when it gets too hot for comfort. By planning and having a reliable safeguard against the elements, your outdoor event has a higher chance of success.


People usually hold private events for friends and family inside their homes, but this involves a lot of cleaning once they're finished. Dropped food and spilled drinks are just some of the things you need to deal with afterward. Even with the help of a cleanup service, you run the risk of your furniture getting stained or damaged.

With an outdoor event, you can keep all of the mess away from the indoors and make it more manageable. Everything is more accessible and open in a tent, so cleaning up is a lot easier.

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It's Time to Take Your Event Outside

With all of these benefits, it's not hard to see why outdoor gatherings are becoming more and more popular. With the right venue, they have much to offer in terms of practicality and freedom of design. It's also an excellent option if you don't have a fixed guest list. With a larger space, you don't have to worry about an overflow of guests.

If you are planning an outdoor party, you should consider using tent rentals for the occasion. Our experts at JCD Rentals will set things up and help transform your vision into reality. Call the number below so we can set up a date!

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